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This service is available for everyone regardless of co-op ownership. Select from our growing catalog of items, pay over the phone, and pick up your groceries - contact free - at curbside. 

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Whether you want a particular product, or you would like to order your favorite fruit by the case - we can help you place a special order. 

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When you order a case non-owners can take 5% off & owners take 10% - on top of sale prices! Click Here

Wholesale Accounts

Coming Soon!

In order to better support our local foodshed, businesses can now set up wholesale accounts to take advantage of further discounts and case ordering opportunities!
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Curbside Pick-up Request Form (old)

Please use this form to initiate a curbside pick-up request the original way.

Please use this form to initiate a curbside pick-up request.

To shop online and create a curbside request the new way: Click Here

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How to Use This form: 

  1. Fill out the form as completely as possible. 

  2. Pick-up times are arranged once order is ready to be picked up. When arranging a pick-up time, note that the first hour of the day 10am -11am is best for Spiral Staff and all orders must be picked up before 6pm.

  3. Completing a curbside pick-up order relies heavily on phone conversations. If you don’t have a reliable phone, or cell phone, please let us know as the process may take longer to complete since we will be emailing correspondence. We can work together to make it happen.

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Having troubles submitting a request? Please email marketing@spiralnaturalfoods.coop

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