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Co-op Ownership

Join Your Co-op Today!

Three easy ways to join

1. Pay the one-time purchase of $100 in full to become a full owner. 

Receive 10% off any purchases the day you join.

2. The 4/$25 Plan. Four quarterly payments of $25 each, (plus a $5 administrative fee).

Become a full owner upon your first payment of $30 ($25 + a $5 administration fee). Then make $25 payments quarterly until your share is paid in full.

3. The 10/$10 Plan. Ten easy payments of $10 each, (plus a $5 administrative fee.)

Become a full owner upon your first $15 payment ($10 + $5 administration fee). Then pay $10 each month until your share is paid in full. 

Benefits for Owners

Everyone is welcome to shop at Spiral Foods Co-op. Becoming an owner means you are an owner with no annual fees, and you don't have to work at the store. Benefits include:

  • The satisfaction of owning a local business you use and support

  • 10% off on the day you join

  • 5% off a purchase of your choice once per month

  • Monthly in-store owner specials on many store items

  • 10% discount on case/bulk special orders

  • Opportunity for patronage rebates during years of profitability

  • One vote in co-op elections and other matters put forth to vote

  • Eligible to run for a seat on the Board of Director

  • Additional discounts on customer appreciation day sales

  • Discounts on spiral merch and fresh brewed coffee


Becoming an Owner is Affordable

$100 one-time payment for a membership (this may also be made in four quarterly payments of $25 each or monthly $10 payments for 10 months plus a $5 administrative fee).

Did you know?

When you become a member of Spiral Food Co-op, you also get owner specials at these co-ops below. Tell them you are a member at Spiral and you will receive their owner specials!

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