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co+op deals hack

The co+op deals flyer is a great way to find great deals on things that you buy regularly - but did you know that there is another way to get the most out of the co+op deals flyers?

If you didn’t already know, Spiral Food Co-op loves it when you order cases of food from us. It helps us increase the amount of food that we bring into the store and boosts something we call “turns.” Turns, in the retail context, refers to the process of our buyers buying something, stocking it out, it being purchased by a customer, and the buyers needing to repurchase and restock that item. Each cycle in that process is referred to as a turn. As a store we want to keep our turns high because it means that money is moving through the store and products are not being purchased and being shelved for long periods of time.

When our customers buy cases this means that our turns increase by virtue of a buyer buying something and the customer purchasing the whole quantity from us without even stocking it out. Not stocking it out and selling the case directly to the customer has the added benefit of reducing our labor dollars - another thing that helps us keep our costs of doing business low. It is, for all of the above reasons, that we like to incentivize shoppers buying cases.

Spiral Food Co-op offers a 5% discount on cases for all customers and a 10% case discount for member/owners.

This relates to our co+op deals flyer because you can take our in-store case discount off of the already discounted prices of the co+op deals flyer.

Let me give you an example.

In this week's flyer, Annie’s Mac & Cheese is 10/$10. This is already an amazing deal. However, I know that, because this is such a good deal, and I will buy at least 10 packages. A case of Annie’s is 12 packages, and the price doesn’t change whether you buy 1 package or you buy 15, you are still getting each box for $1. So, if I order a case of my favorite flavor of Mac & Cheese during this sales cycle, and use my member/owner case discount of 10%, I can get a case of Mac & Cheese for $10.80 rather than $12. That's 1⅕ boxes for free OR $.90/box.

The bonuses don’t stop there. Let’s say that you see something in the flyer that Spiral doesn't regularly carry. This happens a lot since we are a small store, we have to be very choosy what we keep on hand. Chances are, if you want a case of Lemon Larabars, we can order those, specifically for you.

The truth is we want to serve the community in the best way possible. That means making a lot of different little programs that help us make a big difference in your shopping experience, and on your budget. Be on the lookout for money saving hacks like this one, on our blog, in the coming months.

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