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Realistic change: Pursuing a path to self improvement

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

By: Diane Harrison,

Have you decided that 2021 is going to be the year you finally take the bull by the horns and make that big change in your life? Maybe you’ve noticed that you could stand to lose a few pounds on one of your trips past the mirror. Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to try a healthful new diet and decided it’s now or never.

The start of a new year is a good time to turn over a new leaf, not just because tradition says so

but because it’s a time for planning and projecting the year ahead. There’s still time to budget

for a gym membership or replace that tired old wardrobe with some vibrant new threads. Try

focusing on one thing at a time as you look forward to a new you. The more you’re able to focus

your time and resources on an attainable goal, the more likely you are to reach your objective.

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Look beyond the gym

Almost everyone who resolves to lose weight either joins a gym or spa, or renews an existing

membership. It seems like a perfectly natural thing to do (it’s also why gym memberships

balloon in January, only to flatten out by the spring). Before you sign on the dotted line once

again, consider whether you’re addressing the part of your life that really needs attention. After

all, you can hit the weight machine, treadmill and stair stepper on a regular basis, but if your

lifestyle isn’t in keeping with a healthy outlook, you may end up making the same old resolution

all over again next January.

Do you really have enough time to make your gym membership count? Probably not if you can

only get around to it on the weekend. Will you be coupling your exercise regimen with a healthy

diet, one that includes natural, carbon-friendly foods? If you’ll be eating quick lunches at your

local fast food joint and quaffing lattes every morning, you’ve probably wasted your money on

something that can’t help you get where you want to go. Try some fairly low-impact changes.

For example, try drinking more water each day -- maybe start by substituting half your daily

caffeine intake with water.

Don’t underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep every night, or its ability to improve

your overall health. If you have trouble getting your 7 to 8 hours a night, try removing any

distractions from your sleeping space, such as your cell phone or television. If you’re a coffee

drinker, try cutting yourself off by 6 p.m. every day.

Take up a hobby - and earn some money

If you’re suffering from a relaxation deficit, try working some activities into your routine that’ll

help you destress and unwind. A pastime, like woodworking, playing an instrument or blogging,

is a great way to boost your creativity and help you relax. In fact, you can even turn it into a

source of income.

Consider selling your wares in a boutique, becoming a tutor, freelancing, or monetizing your

hobby by blogging or vlogging about it. However, even though this is a hobby business, you still

need to register it like any other moneymaker. Happily, this is easy through an online service.

For instance, you can form your LLC Minnesota in five simple steps. Then relax, enjoy, and

watch the dollars roll in!

Meditation and exercise

Studies have also shown that meditation and meditative exercise can significantly alleviate

stress. Psychologists have discovered that meditation can have a positive impact on the brain.

Regular exercise is also known to help you manage stress and maintain a positive outlook, and

can help recovering addicts maintain sobriety.

Choosing a path to self-improvement can be a difficult and deceiving thing. Easy answers can

lead you down a path of false hope if other parts of your life aren’t in order. Exercise isn’t a

“cure-all’ if your diet and personal habits don’t support a healthy lifestyle. Think carefully before

investing in something that can’t fulfill your expectations.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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