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Resources to Help Migrant Workers in Your Community

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

By: Diane Harrison of

Migrant workers play a vital role in our economy, particularly when it comes to producing our food supply. Their hard work helps to keep our society moving forward. While many of us can turn to social programs for help during the COVID-19 pandemic, migrant workers may not be able to do so. Spiral Food Co-Op is dedicated to making nutritious food available at low prices to all members of our community, but there is more that can be done to protect migrant workers. We’ve gathered a collection of resources that can help you point migrant workers in your area to the support systems they need.

Putting Food on the Table

In the midst of this pandemic, many households are dealing with food insecurity. Migrant workers have several options for feeding their families.

● Children of migrant workers may be eligible for benefits through SNAP, depending on their citizenship status.

● Migrant workers themselves cannot access programs like SNAP, but visiting a food bank may be an option. The local Hastings food bank, Hastings Family Services is is an excellent resource.

● Shopping at a local food co-op with significantly reduced prices for healthy ingredients can help keep the pantry full.

Helping Children of Migrant Workers

Many migrant workers balance employment and looking after their children. Parents should be aware of helpful resources for their children.

● Migrant workers with children can enroll them in public school, so it’s crucial for the family to understand their child’s rights as a student.

● Children should be caught on up specific vaccines before attending public school.

● Parents and children alike can benefit from using virtual ESL resources to improve their English skills.

Understanding Immigration Law

Immigration law can be complicated. These guides can help break down some of the basic principles.

● This guide provides instructions on securing a visa extension and how to re-enter if a worker has to leave.

● Workers who are interested in eventually securing a green card should familiarize themselves with the guidelines in this resource.

● Migrant workers and their families should learn about the protocol for interacting with immigration authorities.

Navigating the Pandemic

Migrant workers have faced unique obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they do not have to face these hardships without support.

● Immigrant workers do have specific rights and protections in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

● During this pandemic, it is especially important for all immigrants to research their options for healthcare.

● Migrant workers in need of translation assistance or legal counsel can find professionals advertising their services on online job boards.

For migrant workers, trying to find assistance and support can be very challenging. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find information about where they can go for help. Spiral Food Co-Op is pleased to offer these resources to help clarify common migrant worker queries regarding their legal rights and which forms of assistance are available to them.

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