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4 Ways You Can Use Tech to Lead a More Environmentally Sustainable Life

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Author: Diane Harrison,

When we talk about technology, we tend to talk about the ways that the latest tech trends are harming the environment. But did you know that tech can help you live a greener life and protect the planet as well? When used responsibly, technology can actually provide consumers with simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Which tech should you invest in to help protect the Earth for future generations? Spiral Food Co-Op wants to help, so read on!

Opt for Streaming Services to Save Energy and Expense

Did you know that you can make choices that reduce your carbon footprint while watching movies and TV? According to The Star, if you opt for HD resolution over higher quality and use fiber optic instead of broadband, you can slash emissions by half.

Another way to use streaming to cut your carbon footprint is to simply stay home. For example, if you normally head to the gym for your workout, you can use an app like LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer. Designed to be a fitness coach and nutritionist rolled into one, this all-encompassing app can lead you down the path to better health—both for yourself and for the environment.

Of course, sometimes you must run errands. When you do, choose to shop local to cut down on your energy use, and patronize conscientious and responsible businesses whenever possible. Keeping your role as a consumer in mind when making these decisions is important, so look for ways to reduce your impact.

Invest in Home Tech to Minimize Daily Energy Consumption

Another option for reducing your environmental impact at home is to look for smart technology to make your home life more energy efficient, including smart thermostats. Smart thermostats regulate the waste of energy in your home by learning the best temperatures and programs to keep you comfortable and using the least amount of energy needed to do so.

Smart lighting can also be a boon to your ecological efforts. With smart light bulbs installed throughout your home, you can take advantage of energy-saving features, such as LED components, but you may also find the safety features, such as automatic timers and wireless controls, useful as well. As you shop for new home tech and appliances, The Spruce notes it also pays to look for the Energy Star label to maximize the money and energy savings of your home.

Use Smartphone Apps to Keep Purchases More Sustainable

Using tech to make more sustainable purchases is a super smart green option. One way of doing so is to use the latest smartphone apps to determine whether popular products are good or bad for the environment. With a quick scan, Forbes explains that you can see whether the means for producing your favorite products result in a huge carbon footprint, and you can also see whether the ingredients used were sustainably sourced.

Other eco-friendly apps can help you make more responsible choices when it comes to your daily purchases and habits as well. For instance, apps like OroEco or JouleBug will remind you to bring reusable cups or purchase second-hand clothing, as well as provide additional tips for greening up your regular habits and routines.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Transportation with Technology

Changing your transportation habits could be the single most important decision you can make to impact the planet for the better. Each day, the use of cars, planes, and other forms of transportation results in some pretty serious pollution for the planet.

Of course, you can help disrupt this cycle by using your technology to research eco-friendly solutions for your daily commute. With a smartphone or computer, you can easily look into public transportation and carpool options that can keep your commute green. If these greener commuting options are not available in your area, you could also consider one of the latest hybrid cars. Buying a hybrid car may be a big investment, but it’s one that can have a big impact on the environment, too.

Living an eco-friendly life doesn’t mean giving up tech. In fact, tech can make choosing greener options in your everyday life so much easier. So long as you use tech responsibly and do your own research, you can reduce your impact on the environment by using tech to reduce your waste and even reduce your costs.

Turn to Spiral Food Co-Op for more ideas and information on living a happier and healthier life.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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