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I submitted my order, now what will happen?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Your order has been submitted electronically. Please allow a few hours for confirmation. Once your order has been reviewed, we will send you an email saying that it has been received and giving you an estimate on when it will be filled.

Next: The requests will be filled in the order that they are received.

  1. You will get a phone call confirming that your order is being processed. This short conversation will also confirm that we have the products that you requested and allow you to make substitutions if necessary. If your order is small, you may be asked to stay on the line while the order is being rung up.

  2. A credit card authorization will be made over the phone. Once complete, the staff member will let you know that your order is available for pick-up. Please work with them to firm up any details, like estimated time of arrival, car make and model, or other considerations. (example: Please wear gloves when coming to my car, thank you!)

  3. The staff will make all the necessary notes and arrangements.

  4. Pick up your order. When you arrive, please call the store and tell them that you have arrived. They’ll ask for your name and gather your bags. Please allow a few minutes for staff to complete what they are doing, go wash their hands, and gather your order.

  5. Be well. Thank you for working with us to better serve you and keep all of our shoppers safe.

I have't submitted an order yet, I would like more information. Click Here.
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